What makes Balanced Podiatry unique?

Balanced podiatry has a focus on thorough assessment and diagnosis before offering treatment options. Consideration of individual patient needs is a core value of the practice.
As with all aspects of science, there are constant innovations in treatments podiatrist can offer and different assessment and diagnostic tools. Balanced Podiatry are committed to continuing education in podiatry and allied health.

There are 26 bones in the foot all connected to each other by ligaments, moved by muscles and tendons, and we stand on them all day. There are many structures that can become damaged and many ways that they can be damaged. Thorough assessment and good problem solving is required to assess problems with your feet and provide long term treatment options.


What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatrists are trained to diagnose, assess and treat conditions of the lower limb.

A Podiatrist in Australia must hold a bachelor or equivalent degree in Podiatry, in South Australia this is offered at Uni SA. To practice Podiatry in Australia an individual must be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority. To maintain registration 20 hours of professional development must be completed every year.


Balanced Podiatry provides general podiatry services including:

Nail care – toe nail cutting, assessment and treatment options for fungal and bacterial infections

Skin care – corns, callus, infection. A small motorised sanding disc can be used to provide lovely smooth skin

Chronic Disease – many disease affect the feet, most commonly Diabetes, Arthritis and Heart Disease. Your visit will include through foot health assessment and discussion on pain and risk management to prevent complications

Musculoskeletal – Joint and muscle pain. Treatment options are varied depending on individual assessment and diagnosis. Treatments available include manual adjustments, orthotic therapy, strapping and bracing, exercises and footwear advice. I also work closely with other professionals to ensure the whole body is considered to ensure the best outcomes.


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